Activated Liquid Collagen

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Get glowing, gorgeous skin with a daily boost of collagen and activating botanicals. The proprietary ingredients in this delicious blend have been clinically shown to deliver visible support to skin health and hydration in 8 weeks or less. Your skin looks smoother, softer, and more even, with improved elasticity. Why use a collagen supplement? Because while your body can make its own collagen, this ability decreases significantly starting in your 20s. Liquid Collagen is a different, better collagen supplement. It activates your body’s collagen production, replenishes your depleting collagen levels, and maintains those levels by reducing collagen breakdown in the body. It also helps protect against the damaging effects of oxidative stress, caused by free radicals. With more youthful-looking skin, you’ll glow with True Confidence. You get real results that you can see—and feel.*


    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles* 
    • Improves skin moisture, tone, and texture* 
    • Helps protect against the damaging effects of oxidative stress* 
    • Prevents collagen breakdown and improves skin elasticity* 
    • Supports healthy, youthful-looking hair and nails* 
    • Collagen density increased by 42%* 
    • Depth of crow's feet reduced by 22%* 
    • Skin roughness reduced by 10%* 
    • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels increased by 27 times* 
    • Blood catalase (CAT) levels increased by 202%* 
    • Skin elasticity increased by 8%* 
    • *Results from 8-week clinical trial on key ingredients. Individual results will vary. 
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Activated Liquid Collagen

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