PhysIQ Weight Loss System

PhysIQ Just Got Smarter

It's a universal feeling – stepping on the scale and not knowing what it is going to say, no matter how consistent your actions have been. Why? Why can the same diet and exercise routine lead to great results one day and not the next? This is frustrating, and guess what? It's not completely your fault. One factor is that, as we age, our bodies can get a little out of whack. To work optimally again, they just need a helping hand. 

The weight loss industry is dominated by short-term gains, inflated hype, and never-ending fads, but at LifeVantage we're taking a different approach. It starts with science, and it's engineered specifically to keep your body optimized for health. Welcome to PhysIQ – a biohacker's approach to weight management. 

Utilizing the newest advances in gut science, our products are flexible and powerful. They help you feel energized. They boost your metabolism. And with nutrigenomics, they help you get more out of your biology so you can achieve your weight management goals. 

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PhysIQ Weight Loss System

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